The story of Quanta Village is one of  passionlarge investment and desire to create  a centre of excellence. These are the main stages:

The workers’ clubs of  Milan of the 1940s
The area of the Quanta Village was occupied by the Montedison workers’ club (the photo is taken from the company’s historical archives). In that period the building had 7 tennis courts in red clay, 3 in mateco, a swimming pool, a bowling club and an 11 a-side football pitch  with athletic tracks. Before Milanello was opened the pitch was often used by the Milan of  Nereo Rocco.

1998 – The Quintavalle Family
1998 saw the acquisition of the entire area by the Quintavalle Family and the startup of an important task of land reclamation and extension.

In very short time the number of buildings changed, reaching a total of:

  • 2 seven-a-side football  fields
  • 3 five-a-side football fields
  • volleyball courts
  • basketball court
  • renovated swimming pool covered over for the winter
  • 2 roller skating rings: one  40x20m indoor; one 60x20m outdoor

As these buildings were implemented the organisation and internal staff also grew, as well as an  increase in value of the Club House and the creation of top level sporting facilities. The village was the first sports facility to have football pitches with synthetic grass in all of Milan.

2008 – From a workers’ club to Employment
After two years of work, 2008 was the year in which the Building was opened and became the place where the Milan Headquarters of the Quanta Group was transferred to.
Al the tennis courts were protected with manostatic balloons in the winter period and the first beach volley pitches were installed. The location was used increasingly for the organisation of business events with many multinationals using  the Village spaces in various ways.

2010 – The growth of tennis in Milan
2010 saw opening of tennis courts in Play-it and above all  the central court with a stand of 800 seats.

2012-13 –Physiomed arrives and the Tennis offering increases.
The last years saw an increase of the quality of  the Quanta Village: in 2012 the beach volley pitches increased  to 4, Quanta Physiomed, a day clinic specialised in physiotherapy, sports medicine and rehabilitation, was inaugurated; in 2013 the number beach of volley pitches increased to 5, and 4 new tennis courts in Clay Tech, making Quanta Village one of the first facilities in Italy to have this type of avant-garde pitch .

2014 saw an innovative project that has transformed the current Club House into a Club with a more international flavour.