Norme generali e regolamento

  1. Quanta Village Sports Centre is open to the public for the development and promotion of sport.
  2. The membership card is personal and non-transferable, and gives right to access the activities provided by the subscription taken out.  Any supplements, suspensions or variations must be agreed with the Management who will reserve the unquestionable right of decision.
  3. All attenders are obliged to behave in a correct manner, in the centre, respect the green areas and the needs of all, by conforming to the provisions of this regulation and to other instructions given by the management, avoiding any act or behavior that may harm other members, those using the equipment, to the buildings themselves, to the organisation and good functioning of the Quanta Village. Attendees are responsible for damages caused to company property and to other attenders, caused either by themselves or by their guests.
    Any defamatory action towards Quanta Village and its staff  will also be considered as damage.
  4. Disciplinary measures towards those who are to be held responsible for acts or behaviour that are in contrast with the instructions of the preceding article or of actions that are morally incompatible with the membership and attendance of the Quanta Village, will be within the competence of the Management.  Subject to appropriate verifications and in relationship to the gravity of  any infringements, the Management will, unquestionably, adopt the following provisions: verbal call, written warning, temporary suspension or expulsion. Expelled attenders will no longer be able to attend  the Quanta Village and will have no right to any compensation; they will be however obliged to pay any debts owed to, as per contract, towards Quanta Village.
  5. The members, attenders and their guests will endeavor not to take legal steps for any disputes arisen with Quanta Village for reasons dependent on social life, and accept – in the event of not being able to reach an agreement –  the decision of a board of arbitrators consisting of 3 members, one of which is designated by the member, one by the Management of Quanta Village and the third of  common agreement, with the aim to guarantee immediate intervention and a rapid resolution of the dispute in progress.
  6. The members, attenders, and their guests are asked to notify any shortages or inefficiencies, applying in writing exclusively to Customer Service.
  7. Any billposting or distribution of paper material inside the Quanta Village is prohibited; any requests to do so must be sent to the Management who reserves to receive them.
  8. The use of the lockers in rotation is allowed only during time spent in the Centre (except for some types of season tickets). At the closing of the buildings, the Management reserves the right to force open lockers unduly closed and assumes no right for any personal effects placed there. The Management will not answer for anything left unattended nor consider the use of the lockers to be in his custody.
  9. All those following a sports activity for which the presentation of a medical certificate is obligatory must have a medical examination in order for this to be issued which must be performed at the Quanta Village Medical Centre. In the event that one already has a medical certificate for competitive sport this obligation may be waived subject to the presentation of this certificate.
  10. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Club House, in closed buildings and in the sports facilities.
  11. It is not allowed to practice any activities outside the facilities and in the areas in front of them.
  12. It is prohibited to bring dogs and animals in general, even if on a lead.
  13. It is not allowed to move around the Quanta Village by bicycle, moped or motorbike, which must be parked in the special unattended area near the entrance. The Management will not be responsible for any theft or damage to bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes parked inside the Quanta Village. It is furthermore prohibited to move around on skates, skateboards and scooters.
  14. The internal unattended car park is free for the first half hour for members up-to-date with their payments. Upon saturation of the available places it is the right of the staff on duty at the entrance to temporarily suspend access to the internal car park.
    The owner of a vehicle that may be found outside the car park will be required move the vehicle immediately. The Management will not be responsible for any theft or damage to any vehicles parked in the Quanta Village.
  15. When driving inside the Quanta Village the speed limit of 5 km an hour must be observed
  16. In the event that the subscriber has to suspend or cancel his course, season ticket etc., this must be communicated in writing and accompanied with a medical certificate attesting the inability to continue the activity. The Centre will reimburse the amount paid only for the remaining part, retaining 50,00€ for administrative expenses.
    If the course is not started due to an insufficient number of subscribers, the Centre will reimburse the full amount. If , after the start of the course, the subscriber cannot continue reasons other than medical, the Centre will not be able to retain the enrolment for another or for the same activity.
  17. The staff of  Quanta Village must ensure that these regulations are observed and must carry out controls.