From modern  jazz to Hip-Hop to belly dancing , the Dance School of the Quanta Club is a reference point for all those wishing to express themselves in dance. It is possible to attend numerous courses from September to May which all finish with a final show.

To add value to the training of our pupils, Quanta Club offers and organises stages with important personalities from the dance world, exhibitions on show and competitions: among our important results is that of the Quanta Crew, the group of Hip-Hop dancers who in the last years have won various titles on a regional and national level.

MODERN JAZZ (from 6 years)
Divided into levels and starting with an acquaintance with your own body, in this course dancers will develop their technical-muscular potentialities, coordination and creativity, and be able to carry out movements that will impress.

PLAY DANCE (from 3 to 5 years)
Through play-dance, babies will discover how to move themselves in harmony by recognizing and following musical rhythms.

HIP HOP New Style
 has its roots in a mix of African rhythms, South American dance (capoeira), Asian  thai-chi movements or  kung-fu and infinite tribal rhythms coming from all the North American ethnic groups. The new style concentrates on expression and movements made to express the music at the same time.

BELLY DANCE (for girls and ladies of all ages)
An enchanting dance with sensual movements, belly dancing  requires movements that strengthens the back and abdominal muscles, helping circulation, hardening gluts and legs and improving carriage.

The benefits of this dance do not, however, finish here. One of its merits is the benefit of music therapy that is linked to listening to music that transmits joy and serenity coming from the movements performed.

This sinuous dance, performed in an intimate manner can also contribute to improve self-confidence and establish a serene relationship with one’s own body and femininity.


Annalisa Confalonieri | modern dance, modern jazz

Marco De Magnis | modern jazz, hip hop, new style

Giulia Abd El Haned | belly dance

Maria Elena D’Agostino | modern dance