Hip-Hop at Quanta Club is called Quanta Crew, a group of young dancers that dance and train  to take part in shows and competitions, making use of  the technical knowledge linked to this type of dance.

Choreographed and followed by Marco De Magnis, the Quanta Crew moves to tribal and south american rhythmsr&bdubstep; they are inspired by the Hip-Hop style of Los Angeles with poppinglocking and house cramping contaminations creating original choreographies of great impact and involvement.

They have taken part in many manifestations and prizes, such as Hip-Hop Don’t Stop, and performed shows throughout Lombardy.

In 2014 they won the Lodi competition in the Hip Hop over category; in 2013 they took part in the international competition California Dance Academy and in 2012 they won first place Show one competition

The staff of the Quanta Crew is made up of:

  • Marco Cascella
  • Simone Cristofalo
  • Elena Mennunni
  • Giuseppe Messina
  • Yonas Moffa
  • Marco Papagni
  • Noemi Sannino