Keeping yourself fit and doing exercise in Milan has never been easier than  at Quanta Club. Fitness rooms, a gym with an exercise machine room and  a 25m swimming pool will satisfy your tastes and needs as regards indoor activities and fitness.

Gentle exercise

Designed for those who prefer gentle exercise, there are 4 types of courses to achieve physical well being through basic and freestyle physical activity:

• Soft gym

• Soft Pilates

• Matwork Pilates

• Pilates & Tones
more in depth: Pilates

The four types of course here mentioned are based on the Pilates method, a system developed at the beginning of the last century by Joseph Pilates. The basis of the philosophy of these exercises is the desire to control the muscles, above all the back ones, during their action to enable more control over breathing and strengthen trunk and abdominal  muscles, tone the body and produce greater fluency in movement in general.

Medium intensity courses

For those looking for more intensity we have 4 courses which involve moving, toning the body, (particular parts of the body) and clearing toxins:


• Super GAG

• Power Gym

• Fun & Tone

More in depth: G.A.G.or Legs Abdominals Gluts

The one designed for G.A.G. is training that focuses on certain parts of the body with exercises carried out in time to music. A light warm up is followed by specific exercises with intervals for aerobic work. They are medium intensity toning exercises that end with a stretching phase to extend and stretch the muscles involved. One of the benefits is the increase strength  and of  muscular endurance, better cardiorespiratory capacity and proprioception (that is, the ability to control movements)

High intensity

Courses for high intensity movement are Circuit WorkoutTotal BodyZumbatonCardiozumba  and Fit Boxe.  All parts of the body are stimulated involving all muscle areas of the body, and in time to music. Thanks to a  combination of freestyle movement with the use of equipment such as steps and dumbbells the body gets intense toning both for muscle and cardiorespiratory.
Hatha Yoga

To add to ur fitness offers we also have the Hatha Yoga course.  Every Wednesday evening, for 60 minutes, participants can follow Asana (body postures to achieve correct breathing), Pranayama (a set of breathing techniques necessary to accumulate and use one’s own energy) and  Meditation.

Water courses: Aqua Circuit, Gym and Training

The Aqua Circuit, Aqua Gym e Aqua Training courses are structured in a way to satisfy the needs of those wishing to do a more gentle activity, that can consume a lot of body energy but without exertion. All the Acqua Gym courses involve a higher consumption of calories by the body, due to the  fact  that in water the body requires more resistance in movement and therefore needs to burn more energy in order to keep the body temperature constant. Quanta Village offers:

SWIMMING POOL + FITNESS monthly pass valid for a calendar month: free swimming and fitness room in a single payment.