To make your athletic training more efficient Quanta Club offers a Personal Trainer service in the apparatus room for training of a superior level or for guided physical rehabilitation.

After an initial evaluation of the beneficiary, the objective of the Personal Trainer is to develop a training programme with a pre-established aim (toning up, weight loss, muscle mass increase, physical recovery) and follow him during his training. He will evaluate the effectiveness of the exercises and work with the athlete also from a physiological and psychological aspect and educate him towards a lifestyle able to further exploit the preset results.

The Personal Trainer will allow you to train with TRX, the method which uses a system of cables and body weight to improve strengthbalance and coordination at the same time. In this way you will be guided in development of corporal  flexibility, of  proprioception ability (that is the ability of the body to control the position of the body and of movement without the support of one’s sight) and of  general stability.

Choosing the support of a Personal Trainer you will:

  • receive training charts targeting weight loss, toning up, muscle mass and stretching
  • use the TRX
  • receive training focused on athletic preparation and functional recovery
  • develop athletic training targeted to swimmers (also in groups)
  • follow pre ski exercises (also in groups)
  • agree on available days and times