The machine rooms of Quanta Club allow you to follow a full training. They are divided into two areas: one for isotonic work and one for aerobic work, and provide all the machines necessary to develop your muscles in a correct manner.

Cardio Area
For those wishing to do aerobic activity to lose weight, increase cardiovascular activity and one’s one athletic level, there are:

• exercise bikes

• spin bikes

• step machines

• treadmills

Equipment Room
Everything that has to do with articular mobilitymuscular strengthening and toning is found in the isotonic area as well as the traditional machines such as the flat bench, leg press and so on to machines with cables, sportsmen will be able to rely on pancafit and on the reverse bench for additional posture stretching.

Body building enthusiasts will be able to rely on high quality machines on a dumbbell rack with a range of weights.

In addition to weekend opening, Quanta Club offers a “Mums at the gym” package designed for mothers with children doing courses at Quanta Club: one or two days a week mothers can go to the equipment rooms while their children are doing their training to keep themselves fit and enjoy themselves too.