At Quanta Club there is sufficient space to perform competitive level swimming. Under the leadership of  Ottavio DonadoniFIN (Italian Swimming Federation) swimming instructor, regional teacher and coordinator of the swimming school for more than a decade, Quanta Club offers courses in competitive swimming for adults and children from 10 years and above.

These are the main categories, from children to master:

Pre competitive swimming applies to girls from the age of 11 and boys from the age of 10 and over.
Participants of this course follow 2 training sessions a week of 60-75 minutes.

The course for B debutants is for girls of  8-9 years old and boys of 10-11 years old.
This course consists of  3-5 weekly training sessions each of  90-120 minutes.

This course is open to 11-12 year old girls and to 12-13 year old boys. The training sessions vary from 3 to 5 per week and last from 90 to 120 minutes, including warm-up.

For Category athletes swimming is combined with gym in order to provide more intensive training.
For girls aged 13 and above and boys aged 14 and above, they carry out:

  • at least 3 training sessions of 120 minutes per week
  • gym training twice a week based on age and adaptation of the athlete.

Master team
For adults who wish to reach a competitive level (FIN super-master circuit), the Master Team organises training sessions aimed at improving one’s swimming abilities.

Three days of training a week to improve one’s physical preparation , enjoy oneself and team build.
Our team takes part in the SUPERMASTER CIRCUIT, a series of swimming manifestations  that involves not only Milan and Lombardy but allows the most ambitious to take part in competitions that take place across the entire nation.

The Master Swim division of Quanta started in 2000 and since then our team has achieved optimal results and won several medals, if you would like to contribute to the growth of our group then you can write to our trainer Marco.