The Quanta Club Swimming School organises swimming courses for all ages, using professional instructors belonging to the Italian Swimming Federation (FIT). Courses are divided according to age and type of preparation.

Movement in water is an ideal activity for child development, thanks to the playing experience with the instructor and their parents. The role of the parent is to act as the go-between between the instructor and the little learner. The instructor explains what to do to the parent who, in turn, will put it into practice with his baby.
It is a privileged experience for both as it drives the baby to gain trust and learn new skills quickly.

CHILDREN (from 30 to 40 MONTHS):
This course is dedicated to babies from 30 to 40 months old without the presence of parents in the water. The objective is to allow the baby to acquire  basic water skills and autonomy in the baby-instructor relationship.

PRE SCHOOL (3 – 5 years)
Preschool courses are divided into 3 levels:
The learning stages are all game-based and adapted according to the requirements of each participant. The duration of the lesson is about one hour, of which the first 15 minutes is dedicated to pre-swimming exercises.
The 3 pre-school courses are:

  • Pony: this is the first contact with the water. Early fears are overcome and the relationship with the water is improved. The babies float using a support and gain more confidence in this activity.
  • Crayfish: after overcoming initial fears, floating is focused on and the first propulsions without aids.
  • Octopus: after initial swimming ability and propulsions have been achieved, the babies learn the rudiments of the swimming styles.

There will be practice in retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool and they will start to learn how to dive.

SCHOOL (6 – 14 years)
School courses are divided into four different basic levels and one for improving.
The learning stages are adapted  to the requirements of each participant. The duration of the lesson is about one hour of which the first 15 minutes are dedicated to pre-swimming exercises..
These are the courses available for children of school age:

  • Tadpole: starting with the initial fear of water and inability to swim, we move on to improve one’s relationship with water and to floating without supports..
  • Sardine: the pupils learn the rudiments of freestyle and of  backstroke and learn how to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool and how to dive.
  • Starfish: for all children who can swim backstroke and crawl in alternation, the course completes preparation in these two styles by adding lateral breathing. The kick movement of the breaststroke is also added.
  • Marlin: pupils improve the strokes already learnt and complete their knowledge of the breaststroke and to this is added  the kick movement of the butterfly.
  • Improvement: For boys and girls of 11 years that can swim at least 2 strokes and want to improve technique.

A course of 6 lessons focusing on the correct use of  snorkeling equipment, techniques for descending, compensation, movement and swimming efficiency. A part of the course will be dedicated to underwater communicationcontrol and companion assistance.

For young swimmers who need to improve their stroke, this course will bring improvement to the backstroke, crawl, breaststroke and butterfly. The basics of  water poloswimming with flippers and breath-hold diving will be taught.

AQUA GOL (children 8 – 11 YEARS)
For children who are very confident in water, this course will teach the individual basics of water polo.


ADULT SWIMMING (from 16 years)
There are 4 levels for swimmers of  16 years and over:

  • Beginner: starting from level 0 of preparation,  the athlete will be given necessary teaching in order to be autonomous in water.  At the end of the course he will be able to swim freestyle, back stroke with frontal breathing for brief stretches.
  • Intermediate: following on from frontal breathing we move on to lateral breathing  for back stroke and freestyle; the basic elements concerning the other styles will also be taught.
  • Advanced: the learning of new swimming techniques and the refining of  those already learnt.
  • Adult improvement: a complete  hour of training in order to improve one’s own ability.

Swimmers who wish to train alone are able to attend the Quanta Club pool during the  hours available for free swimming. As well as obtaining single entry, 10 entry tickets, season and four monthly tickets, it is also possible to improve one’s own technique by booking private lessons by acquiring a set of tickets.