Synchronized swimming is one of the disciplines actively promoted by the Quanta Club Swimming School. During the two weekly training sessions followed by FIN instructors (that is, belonging to the Italian Swimming Federation), pupils train in a complete manner by adding gym exercises to aquatic activities.

The lessons in water are aimed at acquiring specific technical aquatic abilities; the gym workshops stimulate the creative use of one’s body, the expression of emotionality, the ability to observe one’s personal movements and those of one’s team companions.

The sport requires stamina, flexibility and perfect coordination  and is suitable for  boys and girls with basic aquatic abilities.

Some curious facts:

  • The competitions are subdivided into two types: Prescribers and  Ballets

Prescribers provide the execution of basic figures to perform slowly, thus driving the athletes to control movement and  look for perfection in the position reached. Scores are given for this test that gives access to ballets useful for regional classification and national competitions.

The Ballets are choreographies that are performed in water; they consist of prescribed figures, united artistically and executed to musical rhythms. They can be performed by a single athlete, by a couple, or by a team.

  • International competitive activities are regulated by the FINAFederation Internationale de Natation Amateurs; in Italy the competitive activity for all swimming specialties is regulated by Italian Swimming Federation both on a regional and national level.
  • Olympic Sport Since the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, synchronized swimming allows only women athletes to access the Olympic Games and World competitions. For other European and international competitions both men and women allowed to take part.