At Quanta Village team building has all the space it needs in order to manifest itself in an optimum manner and make all participants interact. Be it focused on the training aspect or, on the other hand, on relaxation and the game playing aspect, team building is becoming increasingly recognized as an important time for collaborators to strengthen their ties through direct involvement.

Exchange, contagion, training, development of new abilities are the central elements of these meetings. We organize team building, outdoor training and cooking based on your requirements, developing transversal skills useful for working in a group, time planning and management and increasing the sense of belonging and solution finding.

Quanta Village offers the possibility to combine the classroom course with a sports ground event. It’s the ideal environment in which to organize learning days in a relaxing and creative context.
We follow both the planning of the content and the delivery of the training, by using the professionalism of Quanta Training, a company of the Quanta Group. Important testimonials can be present during the day in order to support the Outdoor Training and make the event unique.

Situations in different contexts can be experimented, such as the hockey field , the running track, the beach volley pitch, the football fields or the kitchen in order to create moments of union and motivate the company team.

For further information please contact the person in charge.